Lippe Taylor Group, MedFluencers Form Strategic Health Partnership

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Collaboration intends to inspire creativity in healthcare and pharma industries.

Lippe Taylor Group, a marketing and digital communications company, has announced a collaboration with MedFluencers, a healthcare provider influencer marketing agency founded by physicians. According to a report by MM+M, the partnership aims to rive innovation in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors by efficiently and effectively delivering influencer and creator partnerships that consumers can trust, and other HCPs find credible in peer-to-peer settings.


Areas of focus include benchmarking and pricing standardization for healthcare provider influencer programming, education on compliance with the Sunshine Act through MedFluencer’s fair market value calculator, thought leadership initiatives, and ongoing client work.

“A lot of people tend to think of influencers through a pretty myopic lens that’s very patient or consumer oriented, but we’ve seen for a decade now that doctors are talking to one another in social media to share recent abstracts and studies and perspectives on treatment guidelines,” said Paul Dyer, CEO, Lippe Taylor Group, according to MM+M.

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