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Lunit Expands AI Cancer Screening to France and Portugal


The company’s software will be used to help with chest and breast cancer screenings.



Lunit is expanding its business into France and Portugal.

The company provides AI-powered solutions that can be used alongside cancer screenings and therapeutics. According to a press release,1 the deal will see Lunit providing the two territories with AI-powered radiology solutions that can be used with both chest x-rays and breast cancer detection.

In the press release, Lunit’s CEO Brandon Suh said, “Last week, we announced new supply contracts in East and Southeast Asia. This week, we unveil our new collaboration with TeleDiag and the Portuguese League Against Cancer in Europe; we're not just expanding our reach; we're transforming diagnostics globally. Our aim is clear: to bring our AI-powered cancer screening solutions directly to healthcare providers, improving patient outcomes, ensuring that the benefits reach every corner of the world."

Lunit has signed supply contracts with TeleDiag in France and the Portuguese League Against Cancer in Portugal. TeleDiag has a network that consists of more than 600 radiologists, who in turn serve more 300 medical practices. It is estimated that the company’s network is involved in over 600,000 screenings each year.

Lunit’s INSIGHT CXR uses AI-powered software to help detect 10 of the most common chest abnormalities. The technology will be used with both partnerships with TeleDiag and the Portuguese League Against Cancer.

This is the latest news to hit involving AI-powered technology becoming more widely used across the life sciences industry. The technology’s ability to sort and analyze data has made it popular among researchers and other members of the pharmaceutical industry.

In March of this year,2 Lunit announced that its acquisition of of Volpara Health Solutions had received its initial approval from New Zealand’s high court.

In a press release, Suh said, “We're pleased to announce the High Court's approval, a significant step in our remarkable journey. As we approach the final stage where Volpara's shareholders will cast their votes, I would also like to share that our funding for this acquisition is progressing seamlessly, ensuring everything is on track. We are confident that the synergies between Lunit and Volpara will create a powerful force in advancing AI-driven solutions for the benefit of cancer care professionals and patients worldwide."


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