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Manager gives useful advice


Pharmaceutical Representative



Stacey Ellis


Astra Merck Inc.


Customer group manager


Lawrenceburg, KY

Territory: Louisville, KY

Customers: Gastrointestinologists, cardiologists, primary care physicians and internists.

Significant awards: Ellis won the Medal of Merit award three times. She also won the Pinnacle of Achievement award and the Royal Award.

On training specialists: "I coach and counsel six pharmaceutical specialists and manage half of a territory. I attend field calls with the specialists; I discuss each call with them and ask them to evaluate the success of the visit. I give constructive and positive feedback on each call. I believe in being an active participant."

On mirrored partners: "Having mirrored partners allows a company to give more coverage to their customers. Mirrored partners should discuss any issues and observations that they may have noticed in the physician's office at least once a week. The reps can work together to make sure that they meet the needs of their customers."

On being a team player: "Everyone has different strengths and qualities. Working in a team-oriented environment, reps can share their best practices, selling skills and time management skills and in turn improve their own selling skills. I meet with my territory once a month and with my district once a quarter."

Selling techniques: "I focus on the needs of my customers. I listen to them and probe them for information. I ask them about their patient population and prescription preferences. I don't use a lot of studies. I want the physicians to think of me as their resource."

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