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Maneuvering the Rapid Demand


In this Pharmaceutical Executive video interview, Currax Pharmaceuticals, CEO, George Hampton, discusses why their drug isn't experiencing the same supply issues as the bigger names in the space.

For contrast, your company, in the same space, isn’t experiencing any type of supply issue and your price point per month is drastically lower, can you tell me why?

Well, so the pricing piece is that we've put this this band aid in place this bridge called Pure access to try and make sure patients can receive the medication for $99. If every patient that needed to be on Contrave had access to Contrave, we would be having the same problem. But you know, I can tell you we you know, we have we have maximized our production capacity in 2023. So, we made as much as we could possibly make in 2024, we're standing up a second manufacturing site in Europe for you know, because we're dealing with a very, very rapid demand issue worldwide. And so, you know, we were staying, we've been fortunate to stay ahead of the curve on all of that. But who could have who could have predicted this, this you call it a craze, I think earlier in the early in the interview, is I think we have people seeking obesity care for the right reasons, I think we have certain people that just are trying to lose a couple pounds and look better. If we can keep these medications in the short term here, not restricted, but focused on patients who are really in need, we can make a real difference in this disease, there's no doubt about it. And as more companies come in, and they are the pipeline is very, very rich, in across the cross the obesity landscape. I think for me, by the time we're talking again, in 2030, we're going to see an entirely different situation.

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