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New Analytics Platform Maps Major COVID-19 Activities in Science, Tech, and Medicine


In light of the more than 1,500 clinical trials, 420 companies, 190 universities, labs, and R&D hubs, 95 treatment candidates, and 85 vaccine candidates now working to neutralize the COVID-19 pandemic and promote beneficial outcomes, Deep Knowledge Analytics has released its Covid-19 MedTech Analytics IT-Platform, which maps the science, technology, and medicine activities in the global COVID-19 landscape.

The platform is designed to serve as a comprehensive database of the most relevant entities, technologies, and developments, the company reports. The dashboard provides an overview of entities at the forefront of neutralizing the pandemic; the objective is to cover all major sectors and relevant activities in the community including R&D, treatment, diagnostic and vaccine development, and practical applications occurring globally. 

The platform is intended as a distributed knowledge base, crowdsourcing additional data from relevant experts. Deep Knowledge Group has aggregated data from multiple sources and qualified experts within its existing network, and welcomes additional contributions from those interested in expanding the scope and reach of the platform. The group plans to unveil enhanced features including extensive filter and search functions which will allow decision makers to use the platform to derive insights to optimize outcomes in the wake of the pandemic.

Individuals may submit new entries for review here. Authorized representatives of entities, organizations, and individuals featured on the platform may claim ownership of the profiles by selecting edit profile and clicking claim ownership. Claiming ownership enables authorized people to edit and update personal profiles and company information.

To access the interactive dashboard, visit Covid-19 MedTech Analytics IT-Platform.


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