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New Book Offers "Practical Solutions" to Big Pharma Woes


A new book by Hedley Rees tackles a litany of pharma industry problems, including “eye-watering drug prices, shortages, litigation over damaging side effects, questionable marketing practices, economic adulteration, consent decrees, counterfeiting, patent games [and] price gouging”.   

Rees says we should stop believing that medicines are different to all other products on sale in the market, because they are not. Science is an important component in bringing a medicine to the world, but it takes a healthy dose of engineering skills to get them there too, and the application of those skills is sadly lacking in pharma. The system for producing and supplying a medicine to market should be no different, he says, to an aero-engine, automobile or silicon chip.   While the book is “uncompromising on facts and evidence”, it aims to offer a “practical solution” for the pharma industry, says the author.   Taming The Big Pharma Monster by Speaking Truth to Power by Hedley Rees is published by Filament (London) on May 28, 2019.   More information can be found at the author's website: pharmaflowltd.com  

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