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New Platform "Simplifies and Optimizes Development of Adherence Programs"


HealthPrize Technologies has announced the launch of Drive, a new product to “streamline the development and management of return on investment (ROI)-driven patient adherence programs for medications to treat chronic disease”. 

Based on hundreds of millions of patient interactions in programs built for pharmaceutical brands across a broad range of drugs, diseases, demographics and delivery methods, Drive applies gamification, behavioral economics and loyalty marketing techniques to improve patient adherence to their prescribed medications.

Drive is said to enable pharmaceutical marketers to easily and effectively build a branded or unbranded adherence program configured to their medications’ unique requirements, patient challenges and business needs in just a few months. Based on technology proven to improve adherence by an average of 52% over a brand’s baseline rate, programs built using Drive are configured to deliver significant ROI for pharmaceutical brands in both primary and specialty diseases.

The product is available in three tiers to provide pricing and service option flexibility for pharmaceutical brands of all sizes, from specialty medications for rare diseases to medications for broad-reaching primary care conditions. It can support multiple brands and languages, and is fully HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified.



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