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Pfizer meets LTC needs


Pharmaceutical Representative

Long-term care executives named Pfizer Inc., New York, the pharmaceutical company that best meets their needs.

Long-term care executives named Pfizer Inc., New York, the pharmaceutical company that best meets their needs, reported market analysts at Newtown, PA-based Scott-Levin.

The company ranked highest in all four assessment categories of Scott-Levin's Spring 1999 Nursing Home Pharmacy Provider/Consultant Promotional Audit. The audit was based on the responses of pharmacy providers and consultants who represent 73% of all nursing home beds in the United States. Respondents made their judgements based on promotional activity by pharmaceutical companies over an eight-week period this past spring.

Pfizer received high marks for contracts, value-added services, knowledgeable representatives and overall service. Panelists also cited Pfizer's aggressive contracts, competitive pricing and support of continuation programs; Pfizer reps' responsiveness and grasp of long-term care issues, including the Medicare prospective payment system; and service to customers.

Johnson & Johnson, Bayer and Novartis maintained their Fall 1998 respective rankings as other companies that satisfied long-term care executives' overall needs. Meanwhile, Abbott continued its rise from 38th in the fall of 1997 to fourth place this spring. Purdue Frederick rose from sixth last fall to tie for fifth with Novartis.

Johnson & Johnson made the most calls to long-term care customers during the spring 1999 audit, with Risperdal® and Levaquin™ being the company's most promoted drugs. The biggest gains in promotional activity were logged by Searle, which increased its calls by 104% to claim 7th place, and Knoll, which made 59% more calls than in the fall to finish 10th. PR

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