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Top Tweets from J.P. Morgan 2017


Pharm Exec is back at the 2017 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Pharm Exec is back at the 2017 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, CA. We will be updating this page frequently with the latest Twitter feedback during one of healthcare’s most exciting weeks. Stay tuned for the latest.

January 12th

"We do not worship at the shrine of orthodoxy. You know in order to make new things you must break old things."@VP Biden #SUHFestival#JPM17https://t.co/zHj9EbRdAO

- HealthIT Policy (@HITpol) January 12, 2017

John Driscoll gave a rousing talk to a packed room: "A shift to value is a shift to the home. This is MONSTER opportunity." #JPM17#JPMHC35

- Oxeon Partners (@OxeonPartners) January 12, 2017

CEO Adelene Perkins presenting at #JPM17: "Targeting PI3K-gamma could help overcome resistance to checkpoint blockade"

- Infinity Pharma (@INFIPharma) January 12, 2017

Excited to be at Women in Bio panel post J.P. Morgan debrief #JPM17#womeninbusiness#womeninbiopic.twitter.com/B1nXVKTxgV

- Mace Cheng (@MeiHsinCheng) January 12, 2017

Final day #JPM17 CEO $MGNX sharing breakthrough biologic products and pipeline candidates pic.twitter.com/ulaJLKutsm

- Bonny P McClain (@graphemeconsult) January 12, 2017

Pfizer CFO D'Amelio loves the phrase 'rhythm of the business'. I dropped in on his #JPM17 talk this week and he didn't let me down $PFE

- Peter Loftus (@Loftus) January 12, 2017

Takeaway from #JPM17 meetings: Look for more Chinese companies to jump into healthcare - seemingly out of nowhere - via M&A ... https://t.co/Dq4dNuUI6U

- Josh Berlin (@BioPharmaJosh) January 12, 2017

On final morning of #JPM17 client @ExactSciences$EXAS CEO is discussing success of colon cancer test & pipeline pic.twitter.com/4lTPQxsjzk

- Mike Huckman (@MikeHuckman) January 12, 2017

Paul Markovich, CEO of @BlueShieldCA : "create a health system that is worthy of family and friends" @ #wintertech#JPM17pic.twitter.com/4GIy3Re7r9

- Vicert (@Vicert_Inc) January 12, 2017


January 11th

Key Quotes:

"More than 50% of our ideas come from offsite," proving a good idea can come from anywhere, says @JoshGhaim at #Biotechshowcase#JPM17

- Ryan Flinn (@RS_Flinn) January 11, 2017

"With the growth in #Medicare/ #Medicaid and FFS cuts coming, health systems need to operate differently"- CEO, @EvolentHealth, #JPM17

- Mary Gallagher (@mgallagherUSA) January 11, 2017

Overheard in the #JPM17 hallway: If you're an investor dabbling in biotech, "today just told you why you should stay away, and keep away."

- Rebecca Robbins (@RebeccaDRobbins) January 11, 2017

"It depends" is answer to every industry question about China's medtech market - LEK's Helen Chen #JPM17@Medtronic Forum

- Josh Berlin (@BioPharmaJosh) January 11, 2017

Doctors didn't go to medical school to babysit patients. We need to empower consumers to take control of their health -@_JeffMargolis#JPM17

- Welltok (@Welltok) January 11, 2017

Mylan CEO Heather Bresch:

In interesting timing, Heather Bresch - controversial CEO of EpiPen maker - is taking questions at #JPM17 right now. https://t.co/8jfx3MzatP

- Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) January 11, 2017

$MYL says doesn't see -MSD% price erosion changing #JPM17

- Tyler (@HCanalyst) January 11, 2017

Bresch: there is no such thing as pharma, biotech, generic anymore. The lines are blurred. #JPM17$MYL

- Lisa LaMotta (@BioWriterChik) January 11, 2017

Bresch: drug pricing dynamics really need to be revisited - no mention of the EpiPen $MYL#JPM17

- Sarah Pringle (@sarpring) January 11, 2017

A comment on pharma from our President-Elect:

Trump's drug-price comments heighten significance of imminent TV ad blitz planned by industry lobbying arm PhRMA to defend itself #JPM17

- Peter Loftus (@Loftus) January 11, 2017

Transcript of Trump's pharma comments via NPR https://t.co/Fc5vAtuNqe#JPM17pic.twitter.com/u9eEUnZ0dm

- Matthew Herper (@matthewherper) January 11, 2017

#Trump says drug companies "are getting away with murder" https://t.co/cZBQqNxB5H@dylanlscott#JPM17

- David Beard (@dabeard) January 11, 2017

Let's see if that changes the unbridled optimism at #JPM17https://t.co/FvBJChZJBn

- Marc Lichtenfeld (@stocksnboxing) January 11, 2017

Abbvie CEO Richard Gonzalez presents:

CEO Gonzalez at #JPM17: Over the next 12 months, we expect to have 5 next-generation immuno-oncology assets in the clinic.

- AbbVie (@abbvie) January 11, 2017

AbbVie breakout. No price increase ^1%? Maybe apt for "volume business" with long-term pipeline. Expect the unexpected. #JPM17#JPMHC35

- Wayne Koberstein (@WayneKoberstein) January 11, 2017

"No large innovation has come from within a system...You have to start thinking from scratch." – @vkhosla#JPM17 Makes you think

- Lena Cheng, MD (@lena_cheng) January 11, 2017

.@abbvie CEO says no 2017 price increase "will exceed single digits for any product in our portfolio." Expects 1 increase per drug. #JPM17

- Varun Saxena (@VarunSaxena2) January 11, 2017


January 10th

Key Quotes from Day 2:

.@WalterGreenleaf-"I look fwd to the day when #digitalmedicine is part of #medicine & isn’t a separate category." Us too! #DigMedShow#JPM17

- Medidata (@Medidata) January 10, 2017

"Changes in the health system are confusing; worrisome," said Jane Axelrad @US_FDA re new @realDonaldTrump admin #Biotechshowcase#JPM17pic.twitter.com/Cz6FCRfEXa

- EBD Group (@EBDgroup) January 10, 2017

"You can take a tea spoon of DNA and store every film and every book ever written" -- Juan Enriquez speaks at #JPM17@EvolvingJuan

- Greg Johnsen (@gregjohnsen) January 10, 2017

It is important that we stay focused on the sustainability of the
healthcare ecosystem for patients -Joaquin Duato @JNJNews@Endpts#JPM17pic.twitter.com/2y0ghGwE6A

- JNJ Innovation (@JNJInnovation) January 10, 2017

"We've got it backwards and have been provider-centric for too long" David Feinberg, CEO of @GeisingerHealth#JPM17

- Jen Horonjeff (@jhoronjeff) January 10, 2017

Sessions for Day 2 are underway:

#JPM17$PFE fireside chat starts now. Nice change of pace from other presentations pic.twitter.com/Rm1dGXNNQm

- a_silverstein (@a_silverstein) January 10, 2017

Every CEO at #JPM17 has emphasized importance of #QMS & compliance. Medtech startups listen up - if u are taking shortcuts u are mistaken.

- Tiffany Wilson (@TheTifWilson) January 10, 2017

$BMY on poss ACA repeal: We didn’t really see change in mix of our business with ACA – don’t think we’ll be particularly impacted #JPM17

- Madeleine (@ByMadeleineA) January 10, 2017

Holy moly. Power panel talking drug pricing at #JPM17: @brentlsaunders, @steveubl, @popsalks, @JohnCendpts, @icer_review, @JNJNewspic.twitter.com/vCMcgj3EWj

- Brian Reid (@brianreid) January 10, 2017

Vice-President Joe Biden Pays a visit to speak about the Cancer Moonshot Initiative:

"That one thing you reach for is hope. Tell me..." @VP@JoeBiden challenges, inspires, reminds many of us why we do this work #commit#JPM17

- Celine Takatsuno (@zceline) January 10, 2017

VP @JoeBiden speaking in SanFrancisco on status of #CancerMoonshot#JPMHC35#JPM17https://t.co/Rh8joN01QE

- Jana Katsuyama (@JanaKTVU) January 10, 2017

Thank you @VP Biden for your leadership and push to end cancer! #JPM17#JPMHC35@WSJhealth@BGOV@PharmExecutivepic.twitter.com/JGoMsRHV2L

- Sandy (@CADcrush) January 10, 2017

.@VP Biden apologizing for being late to speak at #JPM17. "They don't let me fly commercially for another two weeks." Gets a big laugh.

- Rebecca Robbins (@RebeccaDRobbins) January 10, 2017


January 9th

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon speaks at the luncheon:

I believe America is doing better than people think and therefore... Interest rates and currency could strengthen from here. -Dimon #JPM17

- Paunie Samreth (@go_paunie) January 9, 2017

"Healthcare can be done a lot better. Drop the ideology." -#JamieDimon#JPM17#JPMHC35pic.twitter.com/KDtsflFbDp

- Innovation UT System (@InnovationUTS) January 9, 2017

Highlights from Gilead CEO John F. Milligan, PhD's presentation:

$GILD CEO discussing TAF HIV, HCV, and NASH #JPM17#JPMHC35--waiting for any discussion on high drug costs pic.twitter.com/FVJVG23d0h

- Bonny P McClain (@graphemeconsult) January 9, 2017

$GILD's Milligan: HCV is a franchise where we cure people and they exit the healthcare system #JPM17

- Lisa LaMotta (@BioWriterChik) January 9, 2017

Milligan: NASH is a fairly big disease; 12M pts in the U.S. with the broader disease; $GILD going after fibrosis, about 3M pts in US #JPM17

- BioWorld Today (@BioWorld) January 9, 2017

And just like that we're underway...

Our President & CEO @MadelineSBell presents at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. #JPM17 #mybreakthrough #healthcareinnovation pic.twitter.com/B5HYXBhOCD

- Children's Hospital (@ChildrensPhila) January 9, 2017

Looking like a packed house for Day 1

Love the idea of hanging out at #JPM17 for rich inspiring discussions on #digitalhealth. Unfortunately barely any room to stand! pic.twitter.com/mT0fDDpYDl

- Balaji Gopalan (@BalajiGopalan73) January 9, 2017

$GILD breakout: standing room only. #JPM17pic.twitter.com/tMpkvggar3

- Matthew Herper (@matthewherper) January 9, 2017

Excitement Builds

Met big healthcare fund manager in #JPM17 registration line. More than $ARIA takeout, he was really pumped about $INCY$MRK I-O expansion.

- Adam Feuerstein (@adamfeuerstein) January 9, 2017

@adamfeuerstein The St. Francis may be indeed ground zero for #JPM17, but the real "magic" happens at the surrounding venues!

- Arthur Klausner (@ArthurKlausner) January 9, 2017


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