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Preparation gives rep winning edge


Pharmaceutical Representative

Rep profile

Rep profile

Cathy Cutler


Muro Pharmaceutical Inc., an ASTA Medica Co.


Professional Medical Representative

current home

Long Beach, CA

Territory: North Orange County and eastern Los Angeles.

Customers: Allergists, pulmonologists, primary care physicians and pediatricians.

Awards: National salesperson of the year, 1995; western region salesperson of the year, 1996; Impact award, 1994; and the president's club four periods in a row.

Sales techniques: "I individualize my selling techniques for each physician in order to adapt to the different office environments. I am enthusiastic about my products and always plan for the call by preparing a selling strategy aimed at that physician."

The five P's: "'Proper preparation prevents poor performance.' My mentor trained me with this rule and I follow it for every call. I believe in working smart and always prepare for each office visit."

On goals: "I write down all my short-term and long-term goals and the steps I need to take to achieve these goals. I consistently analyze and re-evaluate the goals I set for each call. One goal is to close every call. I want the physicians to prescribe my product, not just give samples of my product."

On style: "I build friendships with the office staff and want the physicians to look forward to my visit. I always have a positive attitude when I visit the offices. Sometimes I bring in funny cartoons about the medical industry or baked goods. This is a great way for the physician to remember me and my product(s)."

The top three qualities a rep needs to succeed: "Have a competitive drive and perseverance, be enthusiastic and maintain a strong work ethic."

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