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Prix Galien to Highlight Industry Positives


Casey McDonald previews pharma’s Oscars, the Prix Galien USA Awards, which this fall will bring some red carpet glamor and, hopefully, cheer to the industry.

The industry’s Oscars, the Prix Galien USA Awards will bring red carpet glamor and, hopefully, some cheer to the industry this fall.
The Prix Galien forum and awards will once again convene some of the industry’s biggest personalities for a day of accolades and introspection on October 27th. In a season full of negativity and criticism, the industry will pause to honor some of its top achievements before bracing itself for a combative political year.
“At a time when pharma’s reputation is questioned relentlessly, Prix Galien is among the few independent forums that indicates the importance of scientific innovation and its value for greater human health,” said Gil Bashe, managing partner, health at Finn Partners, and a member of the Galien Foundation advisory board.  “Operating as a non-governmental body with independent judging, a Prix Galien nomination and award represents the aspiration of industry scientists to conquer disease and return people to healthier life,” he added.
Prix Galien USA assembles 500 attendees each year bringing together academic researchers, industry, patient organizations and more. Government, the regulatory community and international organizations are represented in force, according to the foundation.
The forum, held at New York’s Alexandria Center for Life Sciences, offers a full slate of discussion from with top scientists and industry researchers who review the most significant challenges in the global burden of disease and highlight the latest research and clinical pathways toward diagnosis, treatment and cure. But don’t expect a day without controversy. Sparks flew last year, and are likely to again given the industry’s current environment.
The Forum’s 10 member Advisory Committee, including four Nobel Prize laureates, has selected a keynote luncheon speaker and eight expert panels to advance this year’s Forum theme of “Next Wave Treatments for Unmet Medical Needs”. See the day’s agenda here.
The evening promises slightly more glitz underneath the giant blue whale at the American Museum of Natural History with awards given for the industry’s pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology products of the year. It’s an honor just to be nominated, but we know everyone wants that prize… the list of nominees.
Who do you think will win? Follow and engage on Twitter at @GalienFdn, as well as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.
@PharmExecutive will also keep the Twitter conversation going at #PrixGalien.

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