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Pharmaceutical Representative

Rep profile

Rep profile

Kathy Headley


Astra USA Inc.


Professional Sales Representative

current home

Jacksonsville, FL


Territory: Southern Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida.

Customers: Cardiologists, allergists, pulmonologists, family practitioners, general practitioners, internal medicine and pediatricians.

Sales techniques "I have to believe in my products in order to sell them. I tell the physicians the pros and cons of a product. I also build relationships with the office staff, not just the physicians. I educate everyone in the office about my product. Finally, I listen to the needs of the office."

Motivation: "I like meeting different people and experiencing different personalities. I enjoy meeting with a variety of offices and traveling to see them. Success stories are wonderful to hear. It's nice to know that my products are working for physicians and patients."

Seeing "no sees:" "I am consistent but not aggressive. I try to think of creative ways to get the physician's attention. One physician hadn't seen a rep in 20 years. I sent back a piece of a heart model and attached a note that read, 'Don't break my heart.' The physician was so amused that he let me in to see him. I've called on him a couple of times since then."

Volunteer work: "I sponsor a 13-year-old girl through the Baptist Home for Children, an orphanage in Jacksonville, FL. I enjoy spending time with her and knowing that I am making a difference. I am also the activities chairperson for my church. Many of the office staffs I visit have become interested in volunteer work for a variety of organizations. Physicians are always letting me know about a charity or an organization looking for volunteers."