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Rep gives tailored presentations


Pharmaceutical Representative

rep profile

rep profile

Chris Tremains


Novartis Pharmaceuticals


Territory representative

Current home

Columbus, OH

Territory: Columbus and Southern Ohio.

Customers: Primary care physicians, rheumatologists, OB/GYNs, endocrinologists and internists.

Awards: District sales award.

Selling techniques: "I tailor my presentation to fit the needs of each customer. Because a physician is giving me his or her valuable time, I feel it is important to give them valuable, concise information. I get to the point quickly. Also, I am always redoing my sales binder. I try to keep it fresh. Novartis provides motivational tapes for its employees, so I listen to these while I am in my car. I also read many different books on selling; one particular book I really like is 'Hardball Selling,' by Robert Schuck."

Sales philosophy: "I provide professional information about my products with all the staff in the doctor's office. I think it is important that my customers see me as a professional and know that I provide valuable information for their patients. Also, I don't run down the competition. I build a strong partnership with the physicians based on trust, ethics and credibility."

Teamwork and motivation: "I find teamwork to be very motivating. Working together as a team requires everyone to keep up their end of project. My co-workers and I provide daily reinforcement for each other."

Volunteer work: "I volunteer for Refugee Services. I teach English as a second language to immigrants, as well as Government and American history. This prepares them for their citizenship examination. It's neat to see our country through their eyes."

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