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Reputation Institute Announces Annual Pharma RepTrak Ratings


Pharmaceutical Executive

Reputation Institute (RI), provider of reputation measurement, monitoring, and management services, announced its annual US Pharma RepTrak rankings. The survey looks at 2,608 individual ratings of pharma companies for the first quarter of 2018 and quantifies the emotional bond stakeholders have with pharma companies in the US, and how these connections drive supportive behavior such as the willingness to purchase a company’s products, recommend the brand, invest in or work for a company.  

The top 10 companies in RI’s 2018 US Pharma RepTrak are:

1.      Sanofi

2.      Genentech

3.      Celgene

4.      AbbVie

5.      Biogen

6.      Bayer

7.      Gilead

8.      Allergan

9.      Novo Nordisk

10.    McKesson


The 2018 US Pharma RepTrak results reveal that national and industry reputations are under stress, with pharmaceutical companies following the broader national trends with a -3.7 point decline in reputation score compared to 2017. RI’s research analyst, Meghan Burke, wrote about this in detail for Pharm Exec’s blog.  See her blog post here.

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