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Supercharge Your Brand Growth : Leverage AI to drive precise and timely HCP Alerts



Tuesday, March 1st ,2022 at 11 am EST Leverage the power of AI to increase the precision and timeliness of your HCP alerts. Accelerate brand performance by proactively reaching physicians in “real time” before a medical event or decision occurs.

Register Free: http://www.pharmexec.com/pe_w/supercharge

Event overview:

Are you reaching the right HCPs? Are your alerts arriving too late to inform physicians before a treatment decision is made? Is your messaging relevant and valuable to physicians?

Learn how to utilize the power of AI to increase the precision and timeliness of your HCP alerts. Enhance your current tactics with predictive models to more rapidly identify patients who can benefit from treatment. Ensure your messages are more impactful to physicians by delivering them at the most relevant time.

3 Key take-aways

Join this webinar to discover how IQVIA’s HCP Alerts* can help you:

  • Leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based models to more accurately identify potential patients (e.g. undiagnosed, or eligible for next line of therapy)
  • Optimize alerts to proactively reach the physicians in “real time” before a medical event or decision occurs
  • Continuously improve results by monitoring and quantifying trigger success to enable more meaningful interactions

*HCP Alerts are only available in the US


Cindy Weber
Principal, Real World Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (RWA & AI)

Cindy is a Principal with the AI Solutions COE, consulting with clients and leading engagements that apply artificial intelligence and machine learning modeling to solve commercial biopharma challenges, such as finding undiagnosed patients, predicting patient line of therapy transitions, and identifying patients likely to be non-adherent to a medication regimen.

Marc Romano
Senior Principal, Oncology Commercial Services

With over 15 years of life sciences commercial analytics experience, Marc partners with clients to provide bespoke oncology analytics solutions that examine patient, physician, and provider behavior and interaction. Marc’s engagements leverage his expertise across IQVIA RWI data assets and methodologies to deliver evidenced-based insights and recommendations to address key business issues.

Register Free: http://www.pharmexec.com/pe_w/supercharge

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