UK Bio Industry Calls for "Democratized" Investment Opportunities

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The UK BioIndustry Association (BIA) has called on the government to introduce a new venture capital fund structure that will give the public the opportunity to be partners in the biotech revolution.    The BIA argues that many existing venture capital funds are too bureaucratic for the general public and don’t invest in the UK’s growing cohort of innovative biotech companies. The trade association’s proposed fund structure would offer income and capital gains tax reliefs with a minimal-bureaucracy system for claiming, and allow pooling of capital in a diversified portfolio to spread risk. Individuals who stay invested for longer-periods – which is critical for knowledge-intensive companies conducting R&D – will be rewarded with further income tax relief.   BIA CEO Steve Bates commented: “The UK has world-leading bioscience companies that are delivering for patients and investors but too few people have the opportunity to share in their financial success. The fund structure we’re proposing will democratize opportunities to share in the success of UK bioscience and provide much-needed long-term capital for the UK’s most innovative companies.”