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Waters Video Showcase


Waters Video Showcase is accessible at waters.com/customers and is the largest such assemblage of expert testimonials in the industry.

In Their Own Words, Leading Scientists and Experts Connect UPLC, Mass Spectrometry, and Informatics with Scientific and Business Success

Video Testimonials Give Voice to More Than 50 Thought Leaders, Researchers and Laboratory Managers

Waters Corporation has posted a new version of its online video showcase featuring compelling interviews with more than 50 scientists, development partners, and product experts in the fields of pharmaceutical discovery, development, and more. The showcase features interviews with scientists speaking about their research and business imperatives, their partnership with Waters, and the impact of laboratory technology solutions on helping achieve scientific and business success.

Giving visionaries, leading scientists and experts a unique platform for communicating their passion for science and the role of instrumentation and software in helping them achieve their vision, Waters Video Showcase has opened a window onto the men and women playing an important role in understanding the biology of disease, discovering new drug compounds, diagnosing treatable metabolic disorders, and giving hope to those managing chronic diseases. The ever-expanding video showcase features interviews with scientists at leading academic institutions, laboratories, and manufacturers.

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