Norm Phillips, Brand Insights Contributor, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, BioPharm Communications

580 Union Square Drive

New Hope, PA



United States

BioPharm Communications is the leading provider of data-driven, fully integrated multichannel marketing services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. They are actively working with 50+ pharma and biotech companies and have delivered multichannel campaigns for 200+ brands. Their Insights 360 proprietary database contains unparalleled behavioral data for more than 1.1 million US HCPs, learned through over 1,200 BioPharm campaigns. It serves as the foundation of their insights-driven approach to campaign planning, development, and deployment.


Marketing to HCPs in the New World Order

The current COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world of HCP marketing and turned it upside down. Biopharma has had to make instantaneous decisions on how to market in this new environment, who to market to, which tactics to significantly increase, and which tactics to walk away from-all with no historical playbook.

Successful Integration of First- and Third-Party HCP Promotion

Pharma and biotech marketers are facing more challenges than ever in communicating brand messages to target healthcare professionals (HCPs).