Stephanie Sutton

Stephanie Sutton was an assistant editor at Pharmaceutical Technology Europe.


Pharma's Most Productive Innovators: The Top Ten

Consultancy firm IDEA Pharma has released what it calls a ‘Productive Innovation Index’, which ranks pharmaceutical companies based on their ability to successfully commercialize new innovations.

European Commission Investigates J&J, Novartis

The European Commission claims that Johnson & Johnson and Novartis may have breached European antitrust rules.

GSK Expands Vaccine Presence in China

GlaxoSmithKline has entered into an agreement to purchase Shenzhen Neptunus? stake in a previously formed joint venture between the companies involved in the development and manufacture of influenza vaccines in China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Europe Launches Early Drug Development Pilot

A European pilot initiative will test the impact of consultations with a number of stakeholders such as patient representatives and payers on early stage drug development.

Sanofi Fights FDA Approval of Generic Lovenox

August 2, 2010.