Steve Gens

Steve Gens is the managing partner of Gens and Associates, a global life sciences consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, RIM program development, industry benchmarking, and organizational performance. Following an early career in industry, across various management positions at Johnson & Johnson, Steve transitioned to consulting and led global healthcare consulting practices for First Consulting Group and Booz Allen Hamilton, before founding Gens & Associates, whose ‘World-Class RIM’ research tracks evolving best practices in regulatory information management. He recently gave a keynote presentation on the theme of ‘people’ considerations in RIM transformation management at AMPLEXOR’s recent BE THE EXPERT event, an annual industry forum which this year took place in France.


How Resistors of Change Can Enhance RIM Transformation Success

Every big shift will stir up dissenters, but these negative forces can actually offer a useful contribution if their concerns are fed into a continuous change program. This could make all the difference in regulatory information management transformation, writes Steve Gens.