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Importance of Data Reproducibility for Development of Safe Gene Therapies

In this application note you will learn the importance of reproducible gene expression quantitation to evaluate host immune response for optimizing safety of gene therapies.

Quality control for human cell lines and other human samples manipulated ex vivo

In this paper, learn about a variety of genetic analysis methods and how they’re valuable in ensuring that ex vivo human cells used for cell‑based therapies are correctly identified, have the correct characteristics, and are free of contaminants. Download the white paper and read more about the importance of quality control (QC) for isolated human cells and tissues.

Genetic insights for biopharmaceuticals: Propelling drug candidates into therapeutic assets

For biopharmaceutical developers, optimizing R&D investment in new technologies is an essential way to gain and sustain a competitive edge. Clinical trials present a tremendous opportunity to leverage advanced genetics technologies and practices to improve efficiency and reduce costs.