Industry Trends

Supporting Successful Pharma Leadership with Neuroscience-Based Learning

September 29, 2020

To effectively lead in today’s unpredictable environment, several major pharma companies are turning to a neuroscience-based learning approach to leadership development.

Trump Escalates Drug Pricing War

September 13, 2020

President Trump has taken on the pharma industry in a surprise move making significant cuts in reimbursement for drugs covered by Medicare.

Commercializing an Orphan Drug: Why “Just” Serving a High Unmet Medical Need Won’t Do the Job

September 08, 2020

Looking at four building blocks of success, Wolfram Lux and Simone Seiter investigate what it takes to win and be successful when commercializing an orphan drug

The Teladoc-Livongo Merger: Life Science Manufacturers’ Darwinian Moment

September 08, 2020

The recent merger of Teledoc and Livongo into a $38 billion titan proves that the market sees opportunity in health tech. Could it be an inflection point in our race towards a digital-first care model, or is this an experiment ahead of its time?