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Authenticx Enhances Platform Capabilities to Drive Improvement in the Healthcare Experience


Authenticx, the new standard for listening to customer voices at scale in healthcare, today announces enhancements to its robust blend of product features, including Speech Analyticx™, Smart Sample™, Smart Predict™ and Montage Builder™. The enhancements are all part of Authenticx's mission to help humans understand humans through a single source of truth to inform better business decisions in healthcare.

According to Authenticx's Second Annual Customer Voices Report, 25% of healthcare customers get stuck in their customer journey on a daily basis, highlighting the disconnect between U.S. healthcare organizations and their customers. Understanding where disruptions are occurring to prompt meaningful change and create amicable customer journeys is more critical than ever in healthcare. Authenticx's key solution features help healthcare organizations analyze millions of conversations to surface recurring trends through data-backed storytelling at scale.

"In today's competitive healthcare landscape, navigating between the three pillars of payers, providers and pharma is a challenge for customers," said Amy Brown, founder and CEO of Authenticx. "It's more important than ever for healthcare organizations to build empathy at scale into their customer experiences. Implementing Authenticx provides healthcare leaders with unfiltered feedback from the help of intelligent data insights to activate customer voices."

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