Pharmaceutical Executive Editorial Staff


Fishawack Health appoints new CEO, Jonathan Koch

Jonathan Koch will lead the commercialization partner through its next stage of growth, centered on building and retaining talented teams and delivering a full set of integrated services for our clients across the life science industry.

Margot Hannah Appointed New Chief Executive Officer of OPEN Health Communications

With her new appointment as CEO, Margaret Hannah will be responsible for more than 500 people, with overall accountability for the Medical and Brand Communications services - including publications, medical education, learning and development, and creative and digital services. 

Can We Tik-Tok Our Way Out of a Pandemic? A Q&A about Gen Z Influencers, and Where Pharma Can Go Next

A Q&A session with PRECISIONeffect's Associate Creative Director Isaac Simpson about how to potentially tackle the 18-24 year age range via promotion from Gen Z influencers.

Changing CME: Q&A with Diane Bartoli, VP & GM, epocrates

Since the beginning of institutionalized medical instruction, CME has always been beneficial to help those in the medical industry retain proficiency and learn about new and developing areas of their fields. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for additional digital content for HCPs, both out of necessity and preference.