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Bayer's Breathless Moments Photo Contest — NJ Winner


May 19, 2015.

Last week, Bayer announced a winner in its Breathless Moments photo contest a beachscape sunset of Cape May, NJ (see below). Patricia Middings of Chester, NJ captured the winning photo and was selected by judges Trace Cluck, a CTEPH patient, and his wife Stephanie Cluck

The goal of the contest was to “raise awareness about chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) by showcasing inspirational events, sights or moments in time that can take a person's breath away,” according to a press release from Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals. CTEPH is a rare form of pulmonary hypertension resulting from a pulmonary embolism and is characterized by shortness of breath.

Connecting picturesque breathless moments to CTEPH awareness was an elegant approach, and the resulting picture is indeed stunning.

However, metrics for the competition such as number of submissions are not given in the release. Additionally, selection of a NJ landscape seems somewhat predictable given it was a big pharma-sponsored contest and makes us question the extent of the competition’s reach. Note – the judges are from Tulsa, OK.

PE mentioned the contest this February critiquing pharma’s inability to grasp tools like Twitter, Facebook and Instragram as tools to create meme worthy content. Let’s see if this contest is just one wave with more to follow as the industry dips its toe deeper into social.

Update - In effort to increase awareness and drive traffic to Bayer's educational website CTEPH.com, the company did utililize a Facebook and Twitter campaign. Facebook reached over 1.3 million people in five days with 4,489 clicks to the Breathless Moments campaign website, according to a representative.

Help raise awareness of the rare condition CTEPH. Enter the Breathless Moments #photo contest: http://t.co/gvC8zK2pt2@PHAware#PHAware

- Bayer US (@BayerUS) February 19, 2015


Congratulations Patricia Middings for winning the Breathless Moments #photo contest! Learn more about CTEPH: http://t.co/URGGPufZ93#PHAware

- Bayer US (@BayerUS) May 11, 2015

Courtesy of Bayer Healthcare


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