Cardinal Health Explores Oncologists’ Views on Therapies

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Pharmaceutical Executive

Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions, healthcare services and products company, released its second edition of Oncology Insights. The research-based report outlines the views of over 200 oncologists in the US pertaining to the latest medical advances and potential for treatments.

The report found that:


  • Fifty-one percent of oncologists see CAR T-cell therapy as a game-changing approach to cancer treatment, but barriers such as cost, toxicity and complex administration could lead to slow uptake.

  • As more biosimilars enter the U.S. market, oncologists are open to prescribing them in place of their reference products; and 66% have high expectations about the cost savings biosimilars will deliver for their practices.

  • With three targeted therapies recently approved for acute myeloid leukemia (AML), most oncologists (85%) are routinely prescribing genetic tests for AML patients – and a growing number (31%) are now referring AML patients to academic medical centers for treatment.