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Combining Cutting-Edge Technologies with Traditional Marketing


In this Pharmaceutical Executive video interview, Kaveh Vahdat, Founder and President of RiseOpp, talks about how he has successfully combined cutting-edge technologies with traditional marketing approaches in his past ventures.

Given your expertise in "fusion marketing," can you share any specific examples of how you have successfully combined cutting-edge technologies with traditional marketing approaches in past ventures?

This is an example, from launch of a product because those are the stressful times. So, when you want to launch a product. But let's say what we did for one of the companies was we Okay, so let me go on a step back. So as fractional CMO, one of the things that we do is that we tell people, the company is like, we analyze the market, and we tell them, okay, so these are your top three marketing channels, for example. And then we say like, these are the backup also channels for those marketing channels. So, we come up with any initial hypotheses of the top three marketing channels for a startup or for a company. And then we say, this is based on our competitor analysis based on the market analysis based on the keyword analysis based on all of that, and then we think that you should run with this.

The reason we don't go for more than that is that because even like the bigger companies, they have limited time and resources, and we don't want them for example, to focus on 18 different online marketing channels and once. And another reason is that if you even have one marketing channel, right, it can scale the business to millions of dollars and or sometimes billion-dollar business. So, like one marketing channel done, right? And bring the best people to do it, and then really do it properly. Can you scale a company quite a lot? Yeah. We that perspective. Now, let's say you have, for example, company, or we had a company that this strategy is where search engine optimization, Google ads, and let's say paid social. So, and basically, of course, as I mentioned before, a lot of these aspects become easier to do like basically like creating an app like using guaranteed AI, or like creating content for gender. But one thing that connects everything is this.

You basically go and let's say you have an idea, you want to test it down, or you're like you want you have one specific angle about the product. You want to test it out. You basically create a basic content for that one. And then you go and create a blog post based on that one, you create social posts based on that one, you create an email sequence based on that one, you create ads based on that one. And basically, run these ads like to like a specific target audience niche that you have, like a specific persona that you have taught based on your idea. And basically, you connect everything, whether it's like social ads, and Google ads, and also your content marketing efforts, and your email marketing efforts. So, all of them in one place. And basically, think as the whole thing as one campaign. For that you can run pretty quickly. So, like Agile method by like, kind of Agile method, even more agile than it used to be. You basically can create products very quickly right now. And you can test the market very quickly. So now, this brings a whole different way of thinking about marketing. Because now, basically, it's not about a go and plan, and I have a full marketing plan for the years to come. It will be okay, so I have an initial marketing plan, I have to figure out how this marketing plan aligns with my overall strategy and how I can iterate it and get results fast. How can I test something and see if it actually has a product market fit here? And then if it does, great, and then I can scale that, but if it doesn't, then I can go like and then run another iteration pretty quickly. It becomes like a quick iteration of marketing, execution in the scale that hasn't been there before.

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