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Coya Therapeutics CEO Discusses Company's Treatment Pipeline


In an interview with Pharm Exec Associate Editor Don Tracy, Howard Berman, Chairman, CEO, Coya Therapeutics offers a look at the organization's pipeline.

PE: Is there anything else in Coya’s pipeline that is the works that you would like to speak about?

Berman: Going back to 302, it's a pipeline. We call it a pipeline in a product. Imagine now being able to control many different conditions with that one combination approach. In addition to that, we're developing combination approaches with the low dose IL2 portion. We can now take IL2 and combine it with TNF alpha drugs, GMCSF, or other compounds that may be synergistic. It opens up a unique way to now have opportunities to slow inflammation, not necessarily just with the CTLA4 component or the abatacept, but in other capacities as well. That's very interesting to companies. Then of course, we have our exosomes, which we don't talk too much about, but it's a type of vesicle in the cell that we've been able to isolate, and it opens up opportunities to put things inside the exosomes or to target them to other proteins, tissues, or diseases of interest, and we're developing that in parallel.

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