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DrFirst and Bizmatics Partner to Improve Medication Adherence


The two companies are combining digital platforms to provide prescribers more options to monitor patients’ medication adherence.



DrFirst and Bizmatics announced a partnership that will combine both companies’ technologies in an effort to improve medication adherence.1 A common problem in the pharmaceutical industry is patients simply not taking their medication, whether it’s because they forgot, decide to get off of it, or are not following the proper usage direction. According to the details of the new partnership, Bizmatics will incorporate is RXInform patient engagement solution into DrFirst’s PrognoCIS electronic health record software.

The two technologies will provide prescribers with more ways to connect with patients and help keep them using their prescribed medications properly.

In a press release, DrFirst CEO G. Cameron Deemer said, “When patients don't pick up and take their prescriptions, it can have serious implications for their health. By adopting an integrated approach to e-prescribing, Bizmatics is empowering its prescribers to address the behavioral, financial, and practical barriers that lead to abandoned prescriptions and contribute to poor health outcomes. When you combine an efficient provider workflow with a personalized patient engagement strategy, you can really move the needle on medication adherence."

In the same press release, Bizmatics EVP Marc Keller said, “The DrFirst and PrognoCIS partnership strengthens the connection between healthcare providers and their patients. By integrating RxInform, our clients can offer patients enhanced access to knowledge-based articles, text reminders for their prescriptions, payment details, and available coupons."

This is the latest partnership from DrFirst aimed at improving patient adherence.2 In April of this year, the company announced that it had formed a partnership with PatchRX in order to create a digital platform that would combine prescription fill data with remote monitoring data in a effort to improve prescribers ability to monitor patient medication usage.

In a press release issued at the time, Deemer said, “Timing is everything when it comes to effective treatment of complex conditions. Combining our comprehensive prescription fill data with remote monitoring data from PatchRx will give providers the information they need to identify patients who are off schedule with their medications and to intervene early to provide support and prevent health complications."

In the same press release, PatchRx CEO and co-founder Andrew Aertker said, “There's a massive data gap in healthcare between when patients fill prescriptions and when patients actually take the medication, resulting in critical adherence oversights. Combining DrFirst's prescription fill data with our daily adherence insight gives doctors a complete picture of how well a patient is following their prescribed medication regimen with unprecedented granularity. With so many complex medication routines for behavioral health issues or chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, this collaboration will go a long way in providing the best technology to support those patients and deliver the precise data providers need to connect with patients proactively and personally."

Also in April, DrFirst announced that it had acquired Myndshft Technologies in order to improve DrFirst’s abilities to expedite patient access to specialty medications by combining Myndshft Technologies’ digital platform with DrFirst’s.3

In a press release issued at the time, Deemer said, “This acquisition is a significant step forward in the industry, which has largely solved these issues for medications covered by pharmacy benefits but has yet to turn its focus to the complex, expensive, and often life-saving drugs covered by a patient's medical benefit. The category of insurance benefit–pharmacy vs. medical–should not dictate a lower level of transparency or efficiency for prior authorizations. It's unacceptable that the patients who most urgently need these life-saving therapies typically wait the longest to receive them. This acquisition will allow us to expedite patients' access to these crucial treatments."


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