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How AI Could Have Helped Past Challenges


In this Pharmaceutical Executive video interview, Kaveh Vahdat, Founder and President of RiseOpp, discusses how AI could have helped address past challenges.

In your experience with leading startups to market leadership, what specific challenges did you encounter, and how do you believe AI could have helped address them?

I would say like one main challenge for startups is fast iteration and faster scaling in general. And then just in general, startups have much less capital than, then like these bigger brands, right. So, like established brands, where they can win is in their speedy process and like going to market and capture and like also like focusing on the niche markets that this meat brands don't pay too much attention to, but also like in like going to market, like in a very fast manner. Now, this generative AI basically, like, it's something that it can help quite a lot with that. So basically, like, when you want to launch a product, let's say like a new product, right? So, you have a lot of moving elements, you do have a lot of development, things that you want to test out and should not be broken, but also going to market on a timely fashion. It needs a lot of marketing materials to be created from blog posts to like going to press to even videos to like images, to emails, to sequences to sometimes running ads, etc. So, a lot of that actually can be sped up.

These guaranteed AI tools are a big help there, I would say so. And so, in my experience, we actually helped the company as fractional CMO, and they are actually in healthcare. And that was one of these cases, they wanted to launch a new platform. And this new platform and they had not communicated with their basically, customers for two years somehow. Now they wanted to say, oh, we are alive. And well. And we have been working for the past two years and this amazing platform that has so many new features. And then basically also like but then this was the sequence of emails that should have been created for this big launch, it should have been a lot of social media that should have been created a new website event like should have gone live. And then basically also like, a lot of blog posts, a lot of informing the clients. And for example, their medium of choice was LinkedIn, one of the big ones was LinkedIn, and, of course, Facebook, etc., that they should have engaged everyone.

So these, like in the past without generative AI was much time consuming a lot more like planning involved cetera, right now you basically can prompt a lot of things. And basically, you can have, for example, generative AI, create really good sequences of emails, for example. And of course, it's still like a lot of manual supervision is still involved. So, it's like, it's not like you cannot like just to dedicate yet at least like to generalize, go figure out everything and do everything. But like, at least like, it speeds up things quite a lot. And for something, a launch like this, it takes away a lot of the marketing headache from the CEO, because like he has a request, less than a week later, all of them are done, like which in the old times, you should like the same thing could have taken one month or more. And so, like that, that increases the speed of the startups quite a lot.

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