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Leadership in the US vs. Europe and Launching a Rare Disease Drug


In this episode of the Pharm Exec Podcast, Nathalie Dompé, co-CEO of Dompé Pharmaceuticals, shares a glimpse into her journey in the pharma industry, her leadership style, the differences in working in leadership in the United States vs. Europe (Italy, specifically), and technologies in the biopharma industry.

Meg Rivers, editor-in-chief, and Miranda Schmalfuhs, group social media editor, also talk to Dompé about:

  • Launching a rare disease drug in the United States, the commercial/sales/marketing challenges, and what the company learned in the process
  • How launching a rare disease drug differs from other drugs as it relates to the commercialization phase
  • How can the industry can best meet the needs of patients and health systems
  • Balancing family/home life and work.

About the speaker

Nathalie Dompé is the co-CEO of Dompé Pharmaceuticals. She explores new opportunities for the company through interactions with other business leaders in the pharmaceutical and high-tech industries. She is also CEO, Dompé Holdings, a diversified holding company in Europe with business interests in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and hi-tech. She sits on the board of several companies, including Movendo, Philogen, and Dompé Pharmaceuticals. Dompé graduated with honors in business administration from Bocconi University in Milan. In her free time, Dompé enjoys spending time with her family in the Bay Area and abroad.

About the Pharm Exec Podcast

The editors of Pharmaceutical Executive bring you the latest commercial insights to master the science of success. Podcast episodes examine current trends, key conferences, and critical topics in the bio/pharmaceutical industry.

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