Elaine Quilici

Elaine Quilici is Pharmaceutical Executive's Senior Editor. Email her at equilici@mmh.com


Episode 79: Managing Quarantine Remotely

Uche Iloeje, Vice President medical affairs Mirdametenib at SpringWorks Therapeutics, shares his experience after he became stranded in Nigeria for five months and the valuable leadership lessons he learned.

Episode 78: The Digital Denouement of COVID

Paul Shawah, Executive Vice President of Strategy at Veeva Systems, looks back at the past year of the pandemic to see the digital transformation of pharma’s interaction with healthcare professionals.

Persevering for Patients

Michael Bailey, CEO of AVEO Oncology, discusses how his ultimate leadership path in biotech—the setbacks and “long slog of ups and downs”—continues to shape a patient-focused mission on bridging product development and commercialization to advance drugs for unmet need in cancer.