Elaine Quilici

Elaine Quilici is Pharmaceutical Executive's Senior Editor. Email her at equilici@mjhlifesciences.com


Episode 91: A New Way to Partner With Academia

Dr. Michael Henderson, chief business officer of BridgeBio Pharma, and one of Pharm Exec’s 2021 Emerging Pharma Leaders, discusses how his company goes beyond the traditional “hand off” approach between academia and industry, and looks to partner with institutions early on to fill important voids in drug development.

Episode 89: Cellicon Valley Outlook

Audrey Greenberg, co-founder and executive managing director of the Center for Breakthrough Medicines and Discovery Labs, discusses how cell and gene therapy has turned Philadelphia into Cellicon Valley, and how her organization is playing a role in that growth even beyond the city’s borders.

A Global Vision for Access

Ester Banque, senior vice president and head of Intercontinental Commercial at Bristol Myers Squibb, talks purpose and perseverance—both in her own career journey and her group’s mission to topple barriers to drug access in diverse and hard-to-reach regions.

Episode 88: The Science of Starting a Biotech

Yan Chen, CEO of Elpis Biopharmaceuticals, talks about how she transitioned her career from scientist to CEO and what that has entailed.