Listening is the Key to Good Leadership


HBA mentor of the year and director of U.S. public affairs for AbbVie, Jag Dosanjh, divulges in this Pharm Exec Podcast his approach to leadership and how: “If you listen well, you can learn well.”

We all know that the pharma industry is about people—bettering the lives of others through good research, life-changing pharmaceuticals, and keeping the patient front and center. But Jag Dosanjh, president of US neuroscience and eye care, AbbVie, lives that principle. In this podcast episode, Meg Rivers, managing editor, talks with Dosanjh about what he calls a “people business” and his approach to leadership. He starts his career in the medical sales space before working in many different roles and therapeutic areas before ultimately landing at AbbVie. He was also nominated HBA’s mentor of the year and shares insights into being a good leader and mentor. One of his tips was: “If you listen well, you can learn well.” In addition, he emphasized the importance of curiosity, learning, and the pursuit of a smile.

About the speaker

Jag Dosanjh is the president of US neuroscience and eye care, AbbVie, where he is responsible for leading the business and represents a strong portfolio of major brands across many different disease areas. Dosanjh joined AbbVie in 2011 and served in a variety of business leadership roles in addition to leading the U.S. market access and global strategic marketing functions. Most recently, he served as senior vice president of medical therapeutics, overseeing BOTOX therapeutic and eye care. Prior to this, Dosanjh worked at GlaxoSmithKline for more than 15 years in several executive positions in both European, U.S., and global roles with key areas of focus being vaccine biologicals and respiratory medicine. Dosanjh holds a BA (Hons) degree in business studies from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK.

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