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Molecular You and Immunovia Announce Positive Results for Two Separate Pancreatic Cancer Tests


The new tests are reportedly more accurate at detecting early-stage pancreatic cancer.



Molecular You announced that it has achieved a milestone in the early detection of pancreatic cancer.1

The biomarker analytics platform stated that it has developed a new testing platform. Using this new platform, researchers have reportedly developed a new method of detecting stage 1 pancreatic cancer. A case report detailing the method is published in OMICS.

Molecular You’s CEO Jim Kean said in a press release, “This landmark publication illustrates the power of the Molecular You platform in its ability to detect disease before symptoms arise, giving practitioners the visibility they need to act rapidly for better patient outcomes.”

In the same press release, the report’s lead author Ash Anwar said, “There is no more dangerous disease than pancreatic cancer, and we are proud to have been able to identify it at a stage that allowed for successful surgery. We were also encouraged to see that the post surgery analysis indicated that the pancreatic cancer biomarkers had returned to normative ranges, suggesting the surgery was a success and confirming the accuracy of the biomarkers."

The report details a case involving a 60-year-old female patient who was not showing any symptoms, which is common in early stages on pancreatic cancer. When the patient’s blood was analyzed during a routine test using the Molecular You platform, multiple biomarkers related to pancreatic cancer were identified by the system. This lead doctors to perform more tests, which confirmed that the patient did indeed have stage 1 pancreatic cancer.

Fortunately, the cancer was caught early enough that doctors were able to remove the lesions and the patient is cancer free.

"This case report illustrates the potential of the Molecular You platform for personalized medicine and asks that we rethink how we manage health. Applying this platform longitudinally to a broader population can potentially provide life-saving detection of pancreatic cancer and other major diseases before symptoms arise and when interventions can have their greatest success in a cost effective manner," comments Dr. Pieter Cullis, co-founder of Molecular You and author of the Personalized Medicine Revolution. "This approach represents a significant advancement in personalized medicine, offering new hope to patients and healthcare providers."

This is just the latest advancement in detecting pancreatic cancer.

Diagnostics company Immunovia also just announced that it has developed a next generation test for pancreatic cancer that has achieved its primary and secondary endpoints in a recent study.2 The test showed positive results for being able to detect stage 1 and 2 pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas, the most common form of the cancer. According to Immunovia, the test is more accurate than other current tests for pancreatic cancer. The new test relies on high-performing protein biomarkers and is less reliant on CA19-9, a more commonly used biomarker.

In a press release, Immunovia president and CEO Jeff Borcherding said, “Pancreatic cancer is a brutal and lethal cancer. People at risk for pancreatic cancer need a simple, fast, and easy blood test to detect cancer early. We are very excited about the potential of our test to meet this need and increase survival rates for these patients.”


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