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Prevounce Health Launches Cellular-Enabled Remote Blood Glucose Monitoring Device


The device will be 4g-enabled and connect with the company’s remote monitoring platform.

Prevounce Health

Prevounce Health

Prevounce Health announced that it is launching a new remote blood glucose monitoring device that is able to connect to cellular networks. This will enable it to ensure more reliable data transmission. The Pylo GL1-LTE is designed to with Prevounce’s remote care platform and comes equipped with roaming 4G connectivity.

In a press release, Prevounce founder and CEO Daniel Tashnek said, “Clinical evidence shows that remote blood glucose monitoring is associated with improved glycemic control for diabetic patients. Reliable devices and consistent readings are essential for RPM programs to realize their full clinical and financial potential. We're excited to introduce a new Pylo glucometer that is not only dependable and accurate but also comfortable and simple for patients to use."

This is the latest addition to Prevounce’s remote care pipeline. Thanks to the company’s API, the Pylo GL1-LTE will be able to sync with other connected devices on the platform to share data.

In October of 2023, the company announced that it had secured a total of $7 million in series A funding.

In a press release issued at the time, Tashnek said, “Remote preventive and chronic care services have a demonstrated ability to improve patient outcomes and increase practice revenue. Yet, the potential of these services often isn't realized due to significant regulatory complexity and administrative burden. We're thrilled to see continued interest in advancing Prevounce's mission to enable healthcare organizations of all sizes to implement comprehensive remote care programs that make connected health easy for patients and providers."

The announcement came as the company secured a $2.5 million investment from Cloud Hill Partners and Michael Hammond, co-founder of Hammond Hanlon Group. In the same press release, Hammond said, “This is an exciting time as organizations across the healthcare continuum are recognizing a dire need to refocus how providers interact with their patients. We've seen fantastic growth at Prevounce. With this latest round of financing and exciting, new strategic partners and clients, we're poised to remain the best partner for healthcare organizations building large scale remote care initiatives."

Prevounce first announced its remote patient care monitoring platform back in May of 2020. At the time, the COVID-19 pandemic saw a rise in demand for remote care options, which impacted the way that Prevounce designed its platform.

In a press release issued at the time, Tashnek said, “We began development on Prevounce Remote Patient Monitoring around eight months ago, and could never have imagined how important RPM would become with the emergence of Covid-19. Providers can implement our RPM program within 48 hours and then immediately start onboarding patients to provide important vital monitoring while reducing the chance of disease transmission in their offices. On top of the patient benefits, RPM can also be an important revenue stream for practices that are hurting from the current crisis."

He continued, “Prevounce has always focused on making preventive and wellness care easily accessible to providers and patients. Our RPM system was designed to add that same ease of use to remote monitoring and telehealth. We are proud that our new system allows providers to manage their most vulnerable patients virtually, helping protect clinical staff and patients without sacrificing patient care."


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