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PrimeRx Launches Digital Platform for Pharmacy Drug Ordering


The platform is similar to other recent digital platforms in that it is designed to reduce drug costs.



One of the main issues impacting the pharmaceutical industry is the cost of medications. Recently, several digital platforms have launched with the mission of providing more competition by providing purchasers with more options for buying drugs. While the most prominent of these platforms have been based on a direct-to-consumer model, there are other platforms that are designed for pharmacies to use as well.

PrimeRX announced the launch of a new platform aimed at pharmacies named PrimeRX MARKET.1 This platform will provide users with access to over 40 different drug suppliers, along with the ability to place all of their orders through one platform, and provide research on drug prices.

In a press release, PrimeRx CEO Ketan Mehta said, “We are thrilled to introduce PrimeRx MARKET to our solutions portfolio. PrimeRx has a strong track record of simplifying complex challenges. The drug procurement process for pharmacies, a major expense, requires precise contract compliance and inventory management to maintain cash flow and profitability. PrimeRx MARKET empowers pharmacies to source drugs intelligently and conveniently by integrating purchase and dispensing data, ensuring compliance and market agility. Our goal is to use data intelligence to streamline purchasing decisions, enabling pharmacies to remain profitable and dedicated to serving their patients."

This is just PrimeRx’s latest digital announcement. In June, the company also announced PrimeRx Cloud, a platform designed for independent pharmacies to use to aide in managing their operations.2

In a press release issued at the time, Mehta said, “PrimeRx Cloud is the next step in pharmacy technology. We are proud to offer this addition to the PrimeRx product portfolio, which addresses the need for users to have flexibility in where, when, and how they manage their pharmacies."

In the same press release, PrimeRX’s chief technology officer Darrell Hyde said, “PrimeRx Cloud solves a number of serious problems facing today's busy pharmacies, including the need for increased flexibility and reduced IT overhead and risk. Pharmacy management no longer takes place just behind the pharmacy counter. Today's pharmacy owners are checking in from home, often long after the pharmacy has closed for the day. PrimeRx Cloud enables the modern owner to operate from anywhere while also removing the need to operate complex IT infrastructure in the pharmacy."

Tillmann Schwabe, chief sales and marketing officer at PrimeRx, added, “PrimeRx Cloud supports our goal of helping pharmacists build healthier communities. Our browser-based solution makes it easier for pharmacists to serve their patients, namely by reducing the administrative workload, which allows more time for in-person interactions."


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