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Recruiting Talent in Pharma


Rebekah Martin, senior VP of reward, inclusion, and talent acquisition at AstraZeneca, discusses recruiting talent in pharma, including finding and keeping the right talent, identifying and nurturing talent (students, specifically), and diversity in the workforce.

Across most industries, finding and keeping the right talent is a constant challenge for companies. This challenge is perhaps even more prevalent in the pharmaceutical industry, which requires a significant amount of specialization. Rebekah Martin, senior VP of reward, inclusion, and talent acquisition for AstraZeneca, discusses recruiting talent in pharma with Meg Rivers, managing editor. Specifically, Martin talks about:

  • Her journey into pharma
  • Reasons that finding and keeping talent is a challenge today in pharma
  • Ways to address the need for talent
  • Identifying and nurturing young talent
  • Increasing interest in working in bio/pharma, particularly among students
  • How talent can be nurtured
  • How the industry can support and encourage diversity in the workforce

About the speaker

Rebekah Martin is the senior vice president of reward, inclusion,and talent acquisition for AstraZeneca. Martin has a master’s degree in molecular and cellular biochemistry from the University of Oxford and went on to qualify as a lawyer in the UK, joining AstraZeneca in 2011. Since joining, she has held a number of progressively senior roles in the legal team based in the UK and Singapore. She moved to her current role in the HR team in April 2018, where she leads the team responsible for reward strategy, design, and governance at AstraZeneca, talent acquisition, and leads the implementation of AstraZeneca’s global inclusion and diversity strategy. Martinis passionate about breaking down the stigma that can be associated with neurodiversity and believes there is a strong connection between diversity of thought, innovation, and performance. 

About the PharmExec Podcast

The editors of Pharmaceutical Executivebring you the latest commercial insights to master the science of success. Podcast episodes examine current trends, key conferences, and critical topics in the bio/pharmaceutical industry.

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