Recursion Receives $50 Million Investment from NVIDIA in AI-Enabled Drug Discovery Partnership

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Organizations plan to accelerate development of models for biology and chemistry.

Recursion, a TechBio company, revealed a collaboration with NVIDIA to fast-track development of its artificial intelligence (AI) models. As part of the collaboration, Recursion plans on implementing NVIDIA cloud services in order to supply its software to biotechnology companies.


According to a company press release, Recursion intends on utilizing its biological and chemical dataset to accelerate the training of foundation models on NVIDIA DGX™ Cloud for possible commercial license/release on BioNeMo. With their background in full-stack computing, NVIDIA also plans on augmenting and scaling Recursion foundation models.

"Generative AI is a revolutionary tool to discover new medicines and treatments,” said Jensen Huang, founder, CEO, NVIDIA, in the Recursion press release. “We are delighted to collaborate with Recursion’s world-class team, which is doing pioneering work in digital biology and chemistry with NVIDIA DGX and NVIDIA AI software to accelerate the development of the world’s largest biomolecular generative AI models and speed drug discovery for biotech and pharmaceutical companies.”

Reference: Recursion Announces Collaboration and $50 Million Investment from NVIDIA to Accelerate Groundbreaking Foundation Models in AI-Enabled Drug Discovery. Recursion. July 12, 2023. Accessed July 13, 2023.