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The Gap In Mental Health Treatments: Schizophrenia


On this week’s episode, Meg Rivers, editor-in-chief, and Miranda Schmalfuhs, group social media editor, speak with Steve Paul, chairman of the board, president, and chief executive officer of Karuna Therapeutics, as well as Andrew Miller, founder and chief operating officer of Karuna Therapeutics. Miller was also one of Pharm Exec’s 2020 Emerging Pharma Leaders.

The editors speak with Paul and Miller about the following:

  • Their journey into pharma
  • The factors that impact their decision to pursue any individual drug product
  • The mental health/disorder treatment landscape
  • What treatment has been like, historically, for schizophrenia and psychosis in Alzheimer's disease
  • The company’s drug, KarXT, which is being evaluated in schizophrenia and psychosis in Alzheimer's disease
  • Potential marketing and commercialization challenges for KarXT

About the speakers

Dr. Steve Paul is the chairman of the board, president, and chief executive officer of Karuna Therapeutics. Paul is an expert in central nervous system drug discovery and development. He spent 17 years at Eli Lilly and Company, during which time he held several key leadership roles, including executive vice president for science and technology and president of the Lilly Research Laboratories. Prior to Lilly, Paul spent 18 years at the NIH and served as the scientific director of the National Institute of Mental Health. He is a co-founder and board member of Sage Therapeutics and a co-founder of Voyager Therapeutics where he served as president, chief executive officer.

Dr. Andrew Miller is a founder and the chief operating officer of Karuna Therapeutics as well as one of our 2020 Emerging Pharma Leaders. Miller is the lead inventor of Karuna’s KarXT platform and served as CEO of Karuna from 2016-2018. He served as a member of Karuna’s board of directors from April 2012 to March 2019. From August 2008 to July 2016, Miller held several positions at PureTech Health plc, last serving as a vice president, Venture Partner, and served as chief operating officer of Tal Medical, and the acting chief operating officer of Entrega, Inc. He is currently a member of the board of directors of Entrega, Inc.

About the Pharm Exec Podcast

The editors of Pharmaceutical Executivebring you the latest commercial insights to master the science of success. Podcast episodes examine current trends, key conferences, and critical topics in the bio/pharmaceutical industry.

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