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Vizient Signs Innovative Technology Contract with Body Vision Medical


Body Vision’s AI-powered LungVision image system earned a place in Vizient’s innovative technology program.



Vizient signed an innovative technology contract with Body Vision Medical for its AI-powered LungVision image guidance system.1 Hospital experts on Vizient’s customer-led council recommended the system based on its potential to improve healthcare.

LungVision is designed to work with C-arm fluoroscopes to produce real-time images that doctors can use to identify and locate lung nodules, which is helpful in diagnosing and treating lung diseases such as lung cancer. Vizient’s innovative technology program will provide Body Vision Medical with contracting and marketing opportunities, along with visibility on Vizient’s online forum.

In a press release, Body Vision Medical’s vice president of sales and market development Jon Ulvestad said, “We are honored by Vizient's recognition of LungVision® as an innovative technology. LungVision's combination of real-time imaging, augmented fluoroscopy, and image-guided navigation is functionally unique in the navigational bronchoscopy space. The fact that these capabilities are found in a system that has been proven to provide superior clinical outcomes, helps reduce radiation exposure, is compatible with any existing bronchoscopy setup, and is cost-effective enough to be a viable option for medical institutions of all types is truly game-changing. Vizient's contract award makes it easier for its customers to access this innovative technology and improve their ability to definitively diagnose lung patients."

In the same press release, Kelly Flaharty, senior director of contract services for Vizient, said, “A product receives this type of contract when it demonstrates a unique quality that differentiates it from other products on the market. Our customer-led council determined that Body Vision Medical's LungVision met this standard and recognizes its potential to improve quality outcomes."

Body Vision Medical also recently announced that Matt Baker would serve as its new CEO. Baker, who previously served as the company’s chief operating officer, is replacing David Webster.2

In a press release issued at the time, Body Vision Medical’s chairman of the board Yuval Bar-Gil said, “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to David Webster for his exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication during his tenure as CEO. David's visionary guidance has put the company in a strong financial and commercial position and we are confident in Matt's ability to continue the company's growth and excellence in all aspects during this transitional period and beyond."

In March, Body Vision also announced that its LungVision system had successfully been validated with FUJIFILM Healthcare America Corporations line of C-arms.3

In a press release, Webster (who was serving as CEO of Body Vision at the time), said, “This validation further demonstrates the power of an AI-driven imaging platform like LungVision™ that enables physicians to agnostically leverage our image-guided navigation and real-time imaging with the bronchoscopy platform and C-arm of their choice. Fujifilm's C-arms demonstrate very innovative and competitive thinking and pairing them with LungVision™ helps to create a complete image-guided navigational bronchoscopy solution for targeting the most challenging lesions."

In the same press release, FUJIFILM’s director of strategic marketing for diagnostic imaging Rob Fabrizio said, “Fujifilm is committed to delivering innovative, best-of-breed solutions focused on enhancing patient experience while streamlining the procedural workflow for healthcare providers. We're elated to see the successful validation of our C-arm platforms with Body Vision's leading LungVision™ system to synergistically provide the visualization needed by bronchoscopists during navigation bronchoscopy.”


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