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Weight Loss Drug Shortage Prompts Multiple Companies to Launch Shortage Tracking Platforms


Hypermedica and Ro announced platforms to help patients find access to affordable weight loss medications.



Virtual care and telehealth company Hypermedica announced that is has formed partnerships with various pharmacies from around the U.S. to address shortages and rising costs of GLP-1 medications.1 These medications are popular weight loss treatments and have seen demand skyrocket in the past two years. According to Hypermedica, its goal is to ensure that patients have access to these medications without having to utilize unreputable sources.

Hypermedica plans to use its digital platform to connect patients with services like real-time consultations, monitoring, and treatments and allow more patients to find sources of GLP-1 medications without being limited to their geographical location. The company is offering pharmacies free subscriptions to its platform in an effort to alleviate these issues.

In a press release, Hypermedica CEO Rafael J. Esteves said, “This collaboration equips healthcare providers with Hypermedica's cutting-edge telehealth tools and comprehensive compounding pharmacy services, ensuring uninterrupted access to affordable, legal, and certified versions of GLP-1 medications. Our initiative underscores our commitment to enhancing providers' capabilities and prioritizing exceptional patient care."

He continued, “In times of crisis, innovation becomes our greatest ally. Our initiative is a beacon of hope amidst medication shortages and soaring prices. By bridging technology and pharmaceutical expertise, we're reshaping healthcare, empowering patients, and providers to thrive.”

Hypermedica isn’t the only company taking steps to help supply patients with hard-to-access GLP-1 medications.

Ro, a direct-to-patient healthcare company, announced in late May that it had launched an online GLP-1 supply tracker.2 This digital platform provides users with up-to-date information about drug availability by location, and also allows them to submit shortage reports.

In a press release issued at the time, CEO and co-founder of Ro Zachariah Reitano said, “The GLP-1 shortage challenges are exacerbated by a lack of accurate, up-to-date, and accessible GLP-1 supply information. Patients deserve better. We originally began building this tracker for Ro patients but knew that our scaled supply data and tech expertise positioned us to help all patients (whether Ro patient or not) navigate the shortage and have a greater chance of finding the GLP-1 medications they need."

In the same press release, Ro’s chief medical officer Dr. Melynda Barnes said, “Drug shortages threaten treatment adherence and continuity of care–not to mention create undue stress for patients. Providers can use the GLP-1 Supply Tracker to stay informed about supply so that they can best counsel their patients on the most clinically appropriate and reliably available GLP-1 treatment.”

In April, Ro also released the results of a survey it conducted that looked at people’s opinions on weight loss and GLP-1s.3 According to the results of the survey, people dealing with obesity tend to be motivated to lose the weight and improve their overall health. The majority of respondents said that not only have they tried to lose weight in the past five years, they also attempted multiple methods.

In a press release issued at the time, Reitano said, “People with obesity have often struggled with the disease for years, if not most of their adult lives. Often this is because of the healthcare system's misunderstanding of obesity and how best to treat it. As we embark on a new era of obesity care, it's critical we start with an understanding of who we're helping and what their goals are, so we can work together to achieve them.”


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