Alana Klein

Alan Klein is a partner at Duane Morris LLP in Philadelphia, concentrates his practice in litigation and handles a wide variety of cases with a focus in recent years on products liability and toxic torts. He has served as national, regional and local counsel for Fortune 500 companies and other clients in class action antitrust, securities litigation and complex commercial cases.


Pharmaceutical Executive's Ad Stars

In 2005, healthcare advertising hit a new level of refinement in strategy and sophistication in execution. Even better, it reached a new place, where promotion and education sit comfortably together. Brand teams are growing and learning, particularly about using emotion to inspire action.

Ad Agencies to the Rescue

The client-agency relationship is a product of its environment. Chock-full of regulatory requirements, scandals, and heightened FDA scrutiny, the current environment leaves much to be desired. But this is hardly news for the pharma industry.

Marketing to Professionals: Penetrating P&T

As a result of the rapid innovations in drug technology, and the increasing complexities surrounding drugs' safety, cost, and efficacy, the demand for extensive formulary reviews is growing. To keep pace, Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) committees have been ardently reviewing medications to determine which ones deserve inclusion and preferred placements in health plans and formularies. While there are many factors that influence the committees' decisions, with some carrying more weight than others, pharmaceutical execs complain that there is no accurate way to predict which drugs will make the cut.