Bill Drummy



Three days at TEDMED has convinced Bill Drummy that a dramatic shift in your definition of what’s possible is not only re-energizing, it can also help you approach your biggest problems in ways you would have never otherwise considered.

Pssst... You’re an Underdog. Start Behaving Like One

We are now living in a world of underdog brands. Unless you're first-to-market with a truly novel compound, a clear path to market access and solid reimbursement, then winning without a differentiated marketing strategy is simply not possible, writes Bill Drummy.

10 Classic Mistakes and how to avoid them

Since the pharma industry uploaded its very first websites in 1994, marketers' perception of the web has moved from intriguing novelty, to must-have status symbol, to vital communications channel for both patients and physicians. Yet even as product managers devote more resources to their brand-name product websites, many still commit fundamental errors with alarming frequency.