Ed Schoonveld

Ed Schoonveld is a Managing Principal at ZS Associates.


Going Beyond Lip Service on Value

Providing evidence for a strong value proposition to each of the access journey decision makers needs to be weighed against the risk of clinical trial failure, cost of investment, and launch timing. Ed Schoonveld outlines how a pharma company can analyze and rejuvenate its decision process.

The WHO Fair Pricing Forum

Ed Schoonveld reviews the key topics discussed at the World Health Organization's second Fair Pricing Forum, held in Johannesburg, South Africa last month.

Drug Price Controls: “Red Meat for the Left” or Russian Roulette?

Kaiser’s August healthcare poll results should put all on high alert given public sentiment and the rhetoric of the political season. Ed Schoonveld sounds the alarm and offers four initiatives to stall the surge towards government intercession on escalating prices.