Author | Eric Bolesh

Eric Bolesh is a senior analyst for, Cutting Edge Information, based in Durham, North Carolina.


Budgeting Brands in Troubled Times

March 02, 2009


Companies are tightening their purse strings just when brand strategies need to target new audiences

Defusing the Time Bomb

March 03, 2008

Successful Product Manager's Handbook


Just because you're losing ground to generics doesn't mean you should put your head in the sand. Act before it's too late.

Launch on a Budget

October 01, 2006

Successful Product Manager's Handbook


Brand teams can no longer count on an embarrassment of riches to ensure a successful product launch.

Toward the See-Through Corporation

November 01, 2002

Pharmaceutical Executive


Consumer outrage at daily reports of new financial scandals creates a dangerous environment for corporate reputations, but pharma companies can turn the public's low opinion-and questions about rising drug prices-to their advantage if they work systematically to build long-term trust.