George Koroneos, Online Content & News Editor


Pharma Comes Under Fire for Jump in Rx Prices

Drug manufacturers came under fire at a hearing of the House Energy and Commerce?s health subcommittee for bumping drug prices 10 percent this year. Pharma claims rumors that it?s boosting costs in anticipation of healthcare reform are baseless, but the industry could be facing an uphill battle.

Layoffs and Job Cuts Brewing at Sanofi-Aventis

With the fourth quarter quickly coming to a close, talks of job cuts are once again in the air. The first major layoffs could be coming at Sanofi-Aventis, which is rumored to be slashing up to 1,500 positions.

A Call for Social Media Guidelines

Nearly 70 pharma execs, new media mavens, and even Joe Q. Public packed last week's FDA social media hearings to plead for some form of guidance on how to handle Tweets, blog comments, and off label discussions online.

Pfizer Quick on the Draw with R&D Location Plans

Following through with its promise to waste no time in merging Wyeth and Pfizer, the pharma giant announced restructuring plans for its global research network.