Marjorie Brody

Marjorie Brody is the founder of Brody Professional Development in Jenkintown, PA. She is an internationally recognized author and speaker who helps individuals achieve their potential by strengthening their professionalism, persuasiveness and presence. To book Marjorie for a presentation, call (800) 726-7936, or visit her Web site at To sign up for Marjorie’s free quarterly newsletter, go to


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The nuances of etiquette for business dining.

Take your PAL on all sales calls

It doesn't matter what you sell. Whether it's widgets or pharmaceuticals, we all face the same challenge - connecting with our customers and getting our message across.

The Language of Sales

The language of sales is not so much about what is said, but rather what the customer hears and believes.

Does your body language stop your sales presentation before it starts?

An effective salesperson needs to know how to master the subtle cues of body language before he or she can be successful.

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Don't fail at the name game

The name is perhaps a person's most valuable possession.