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Marjorie Brody is the founder of Brody Professional Development in Jenkintown, PA. She is an internationally recognized author and speaker who helps individuals achieve their potential by strengthening their professionalism, persuasiveness and presence. To book Marjorie for a presentation, call (800) 726-7936, or visit her Web site at To sign up for Marjorie’s free quarterly newsletter, go to


Respect the gatekeeper

Pharmaceutical Representative

There's an old saying that is as true today as it was 50 years ago: "Be nice to the people you meet on the way up, because you may meet them on the way back down."

Writing the right way

Pharmaceutical Representative

Guidelines for effective correspondence.

Etiquette disconnect?

Pharmaceutical Representative

A guide to considerate cell phone and voice mail use.

Client meal conundrum

Pharmaceutical Representative

The nuances of etiquette for business dining.