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Pharmaceutical Executive

Magic Molecules

Pharm Exec's Pipeline Report is packed with 25 of the year's most eye-catching experimental drugs. What's their secret? No smoke or mirrors-just innovative science, therapeutic value, and good business sense.

Pharmaceutical Executive


We didn't think, even before Vioxx got pulled, that Arcoxia would ever get approved because we thought it had cardiovascular signals-and because of the debate over Vioxx for the last five years. Now, unequivocally, we don't believe it will be approved.

Pharmaceutical Executive

Spend Trends: A $20 Billion Bill and Plenty of Change

Pharma marketing appears to operate in a world of its own. When US ad expenditures dipped in 2001, pharma's spend marched steadily on. (See "A Different Drum.") Now, as the ad industry celebrates the quadrennial coincidence of the Olympics and the US presidential campaign, is pharma taking notice? "Not really," says Anne Devereaux, chief integration officer at BBDO.