Myra Reinhardt, Brand Insights Contributor, VP of Product Innovation and Analytics, Lash Group

1800 Innovation Point

Fort Mill, SC

South Carolina


United States

Lash Group started more than 30 years ago with a passion for patients. Our pioneering vision to connect patients more quickly and efficiently to better care has transformed an industry, and we remain dedicated to helping people access, afford and remain on the treatments they need.

As the Vice President of Product Innovation and Analytics, Myra Reinhardt brings extensive experience and expertise in strategic planning, product development and deploying large-scale technology solutions. Focused on product and analytics, she is responsible for the delivery and implementation of solutions that support the growth of the Lash Group business.


Evaluating Electronic Benefit Verification Solutions for Your Patient Support Program

As specialty therapies evolve and more treatment options for chronic and complex diseases become available, patients are seeking treatment options that are both effective and affordable.