Neil Baum

Neil Baum, M.D., is a speaker and consultant to the pharmaceutical industry. He can be reached at


The successful abbreviated detail

Making the most of less than two minutes.

Remember the doctor's name

There's no better way to attract a doctor's attention than to mention his or her name.

Decisions determine your destiny

There are five levels of decision- making that every pharmaceutical sales rep must consider.

Turn features into benefits

Incorporate the phrase 'which means' into details.

Jazz up your e-mails and memos

"It's the little things that make a big difference." You know that's true of your sales relationships, but that old adage also applies to your e-mails and memos.

Offer just what the doctor orders

It is a maxim in business school that in order to make money selling something, you have to identify a need in the marketplace and position a product or service to satisfy that need.